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Presentation Submission Form (Plenary, General & Student)

Refer to Call for Oral & Poster Presentations for eligibility requirements for all categories.

Submission type
Plenary / Invited (by invitation only)
General - oral
General - poster
Graduate - oral
Graduate - poster
Undergraduate -poster

Presenting Author Information

Are you willing to accept another category (eg. oral/poster, general/student) if your submission category is full? (Not applicable to plenary/invited speakers)
Do you give permission for OPMC to post your poster or slides on the website?

Abstract Details

Additional Student Competition Information

Only fill out this section if you are a student competitor. Student competitors who fail to complete this section may not be eligible to compete.

I am presenting: (select most applicable)
Graduate research that is ready for publication (eg. two field seasons or equivalent in the lab)
Preliminary or initial graduate research (eg. one field season or preliminary lab data)
Undergraduate lab or field research
Research based on literature review only
Is the data you are presenting your own?
Other (please specify)
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