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Presentations & Posters

Graduate Presentation - Oral

Suitability of Euonymus spp. for box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis) survival and development. Abigail Wiesner, H. Fraser, S. Smith and C. Scott-Dupree. VIEW

A novel field kit to detect DMI fungicide resistance in Clarireedia jacksonii. Edward
McNab and T. Hsiang. VIEW

Synergistic and antagonistic herbicide interactions for control of volunteer corn in glyphosate/glufosinate/2,4-D-resistant soybean. Emily Duenk, N. Soltani, R. Miller, D. Hooker, D. Robinson and P. Sikkema. VIEW

Inheritance of Cry1F resistance and life history of the first field-evolved Cry1F-resistant population of the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis, Hübner). Emily Glasgow, Y. Farhan, A. Michel, R. Hallett and J. Smith. VIEW

Control of multiple-herbicide-resistant waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) with acetochlor-based tank mixtures in soybean. Hannah Symington, N. Soltani, A. Kaastra, D. Hooker, D. Robinson and P. Sikkema. VIEW

An investigation of the insect pest and beneficial insect complex for cannabis grown outdoors in Ontario and the potential of companion plants as an IPM tactic. Lillian Auty and C. Scott-Dupree. VIEW

Improving disease forecasts for Stemphylium leaf blight of onion, 2021 and 2022. Michael Kooy, B.D. Gossen and M.R. McDonald. VIEW

The confirmation and characterization of auxinic herbicide resistance in a population of green pigweed (Amaranthus powellii) from Ontario. Isabelle Aicklen, P. Smith, B. Metzger, T. Gaines, M. Jugulam, D. Robinson, P. Sikkema and F. Tardiff. VIEW

Graduate Presentation - Poster

Biology and management of cannabis aphid: An emerging pest challenging cannabis production in Ontario. Jason Lemay and C. Scott-Dupree. VIEW

Grapevine viruses, insect vectors and management strategies in Canada and the United States: A scoping review. Kaitlyn Carr, J. Baird and M.A. Lemay. VIEW

Examining two Dicyphus species (Hemiptera: Miridae) for their potential use as biological control agents on greenhouse tomato. Carly Demers, S. VanLaerhoven and R. Labbé. VIEW

Risk of cavity spot on carrots can be related to soil microbiome. Umbrin Ilyas, J Manish, N. Raizada, M. Kalischuk, L. du Toit and M.R. McDonald. VIEW

The interaction of lime and boron to manage clubroot on canola, 2022. Shauna Chesney, B.D. Gossen and M.R. McDonald. VIEW

Survey of Neopestalotiopsis spp. in Ontario strawberries. Justin McNally, K. Pragapar, K. Goldenhar, E. Pate and M. Kalishchuk. VIEW

The sterile insect technique as a novel tool for the management of pepper weevil (Anthonomus eugenii Cano) in greenhouse and field pepper crops. Jacob Basso, R. Labbé and C. Scott-Dupree. VIEW

Improving the management of western bean cutworm, Striacosta albicosta, in edible dry beans. Josee Kelly, C. Gillard, J. Smith and Y. Farhan. VIEW

The effect of Metarhizium brunneum on wireworm populations. Ala Abdel Rahman, I. Scott, T. Kabaluk and H. Henry. VIEW

Optimization and scalability of regenerative in situ electrochemical hypochlorination for closed-loop hydroponics. Serge Lévesque, T. Graham, J. Phillips, J. Lawson, D. Bejan and M. Dixon. VIEW

Undergraduate Presentation - Poster

Comparing the effectiveness of select companion plants for management of insect pests on cannabis grown outdoors in Ontario. Chloe El Hani, L. Auty and C. Scott-Dupree. VIEW

Does companion plant density impact insect pests and beneficial insects in outdoor cannabis crops? Margaret Mantel, L. Auty and C. Scott-Dupree. VIEW

Comparison of an amended agar assay vs. a microplate assay for assessing fungicide sensitivity. Andrea Rether, E. McNab and T. Hsiang. VIEW

Broad spectrum biocontrol of plant pathogens with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strains through selective enhancement of its antibiotic production using carbon sources and culture additives. Saghar Mazarei, L. Chien, C.Y. Yuan, K. Dumont, S. Tagliabracci, S. Kandasamy, R. Nicol, S. Saldias and G. Lazarovits. VIEW

Regular Poster

Soil bacteria with biocontrol potential for ginseng replant disease. Isadora Bischoff Nunes and P. Goodwin. VIEW

Evaluating efficacy of a novel nematicide for management of northern root knot nematode in greenhouse strawberry production. Jerry Akanwari and T. Sultana. VIEW

Efficacy and market potential of biopesticides developed from saponins and essential oils. Rob Nicol, M. Berhow, M. Charbonneau, I. Scott; K. Tamming and S. Lachance. VIEW

Integrated pest management of root maggots in Ontario leafy green and root brassica vegetables. Ian Scott, J. Stokes-Rees, J. Beardsley and M. Vankosky. VIEW

IPM: Photosensitizer… lights… action!. Zelda Pieterse, R. Buitenhuis, M. Fefer, J. Liu and I. Teshler. VIEW

Fighting blight: Evaluating fungicides for efficacy against Stemphylium leaf blight in Ontario. Emily McFaul, B.D. Gossen, K. VanderKooi and M.R. McDonald. VIEW

Improving semiochemical attraction for management of Colorado potato beetle in solanaceous field crops. Andrew Colton, A. Gradish and R. Hallet. VIEW

Pesticide resistance levels in field and greenhouse populations of Tetranychus urticae. Joseane Moreira do Nascimento. VIEW

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