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Speaker Spotlight #1: Integrating Biopesticides in Conventional IPM Programs

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Join us at the Ontario Pest Management Conference on November 1st as we look at building resiliency in pest management with a great line-up of speakers. Register in advance here for early-bird pricing. Depending on availability, tickets may be purchased at door the day of the conference.

Meet Plenary Speaker #1 - Dr. Kerik Cox

Dr. Kerik Cox manages a program of tree fruit and berry research and extension at Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, AgriTech in Geneva, NY USA.

  • Principal research efforts include antimicrobial resistance (fungicides and antibiotics), and applied disease management with a focus on apple, stone fruit, strawberries.

  • Extension efforts focus on pesticide education, disease forecasting, and applied disease management with emphasis on covered production in small fruit.

  • Teaching efforts include undergraduate and graduate level Plant Pathology and IPM courses as well as leadership on student learning committees.

Since the establishment of his program, Dr Cox has been conducting antimicrobial resistance and invasive pathogen surveys in New York and the Northeastern United States.

Learn more about the Cox Lab here.

Best practices for implementing biopesticides for fungal and bacterial disease of apples

Dr. Cox's presentation will cover research demonstrating the effective use of biopesticides in conjunction with horticultural practices and disease forecasting to manage both apple scab and fire blight of apple. Specific biopesticide products for use in apples and guidelines for best use practices will be presented.

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