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Congratulations 2023 OPMC Student Competition Winners!

Another year, another successful Ontario Pest Management Conference!

Congratulations to all graduate and undergraduate students that presented in the oral or poster competition. The future of integrated pest management is bright in Ontario.

2023 OPMC Graduate & Undergraduate Presentation Winners

The 2023 winners for each category are:

GRADUATE ORAL (CropLife Canada)

Winner - Carly Demers, University of Windsor

Honorable Mention - Umbrin Ilyas, University of Guelph

2023 OPMC Graduate Oral, Winner: Carly Demers (right); Honorable Mention: Umbrin Ilyas (left)


Winner - Anka Colo, Western University

Honorable Mention - Kirsten Holy, University of Guelph

2023 OPMC Graduate Poster, Winner: Anka Colo (right); Honorable Mention: Kirsten Holy (left)


Winner - Hayden Hornick-Martyk, Western University

Honorable Mention - Kelly Ruigrok, University of Guelph

2023 OPMC Undergraduate Poster, Winner: Hayden Hornick-Martyk (right); Honorable Mention: Kelly Ruigrok (left)

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